Important Update on In-Person Learning Start Dates


Blended Learning Students Enrolled In: 

In-Person Learning Begins On: 

Grades 3K and Pre-K 

(in any school type/grade configuration) 

Monday 9/21 

District 75 

(all grades) 

Monday 9/21 

By School Type: 

Students enrolled in 

·      Elementary Schools (K-5 and K-8) (includes students in grades 6-8 in K-8 schools) 

Tuesday 9/29 

Students enrolled in: 

·      Middle Schools (Grades 6-8) 

·      High Schools (Grades 9-12) 

·      Secondary Schools (Grades 6-12) 

·      Transfer Schools, Adult Education, Evening Schools, Alternate Learning Centers 

Thursday 10/1 

Schools with Other Grade Configurations: 

Students enrolled in K-2 and K-3 Schools 

Tuesday 9/29 

Students enrolled in K-12 Schools 

Tuesday 9/29